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Dilip Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan invited to Pakistan

Bollywood thespian Dilip Kumar and superstar Shah Rukh Khan have been invited to Pakistan.

The two super personalities have been invited to take part in a conference on Hindko – a language spoken by Pathans.

“We have invited both men as their ancestors belonged to this part (of the country),” said Adnan Gull, vice chairman of the Gandhara Hindko Board, which is holding the Nov 19-20 meet.

SRK’s parents lived in Peshawar, as did Dilip Kumar, before they moved to India during the sub-continent’s partition in 1947. This is not the first time that the octogenarian Dilip Kumar has been invited to Pakistan. He has visited the country earlier, and has been warmly welcomed.

However SRK, who is called Dilip Kumar-II by his fans, has never been to Pakistan.

“We haven’t yet received any reply from both the Indian stars but we are hopeful they will consider our request,” said Gull. He said 11 other invitees from India had confirmed their participation.

Hindko is an ancient language spoken in northern Pakistan, mainly in the North West Frontier Province, Punjab and Kashmir by an estimated 2.2 million people.

Hindko speakers are commonly referred to as Punjabi Pathans or simply Pathans.

Courtesy: Apunkachoice

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