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Rakhi Sawant clears air about her joining politics while taking a shot at Kejriwal!

Rakhi Sawanth, the undisputed queen of controversies who even has a book community titled the ‘mother of controversy’, on her, has recently warmed up to a new metaphorical father – the BJP. “ Mujhe har kisi ne item girl kaha hai, actress kaha hai, yeh-woh kaha hai; pehli baar agar mujhe kisi ne beti kaha hai toh woh BJP ke Rajnathji hain – toh phir hui na main BJP ki beti, ” explained Sawant. Responding to the reports that the item girl has joined hands with BJP and claiming to be a better administrator than former CM Arvind Kejriwal, she said, “ Main Dilli aayi thi – BJP ke office mein chai peene aayi thi.

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